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Pack boxes safely and effectively

First, make sure to skip the cheap, ineffective grocery store cartons and get high-quality packing boxes from our supply store. Next, place heavy objects in smaller boxes for easier lifting and use wardrobe boxes to hang your clothes.


Similar-sized boxes can be used for easy stacking and to eliminate wasted space. Additionally, filling boxes completely and stuffing extra spaces with newspapers can help prevent boxes from collapsing when they are stacked.


Lastly, seal each box completely with packing tape to help prevent the dust buildup.


Maximize space with these tips

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Get the most out of your storage space

You've found the right unit size with the help of our experts — now make sure you're getting your money's worth!


Couches may be stored on end if they are not sofa-beds to help minimize the space they take up.


Furniture and mattresses can be protected and preserved with special pads and covers, while mirrors and framed pictures should be stored with special paper pads or mirror boxes. Remember — if it's in a frame, it should never be stored flat!


When labelling your boxes, try to label several sides. This will make them easy to locate later, no matter how they are shifted or stacked within the storage unit.


Sealing boxes completely with packing tape will help keep dust out, while packing empty spaces with newspaper will help prevent boxes from collapsing when other items are stacked on top of them.


When packing your unit, try to leave a clear path to the rear of your unit so that all stored items remain easily accessible.


Shelving units can be used as the perfect solution to maximize your storage space.


If you are storing items which you may need access to on a regular basis, try to store them toward the front of your space.


After thoroughly cleaning out the inside of your refrigerator or freezer, store the appliance with the door slightly ajar to help prevent odors, grime, and more. Additionally, these spaces can be used for additional storage!

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