Get the most out of every stored box

Each box should be filled as completely as possible before being sealed with masking tape. For easier lifting, heavier items should be placed in smaller boxes. Lastly, label each box on the top and all sides to help identify their contents without opening.


Protect your property

These tips can help maximize your space and help keep your property safe, too!

Protect your furniture with these easy steps

Apply a heavy coat of furniture polish before storing any items made of wood, and cover your furniture with old sheets rather than plastic. Additionally, couches may be stored on their ends and on pallets to help save space in your storage unit.

Pack tightly with a plan in mind for easier access

Blocks and pallets may be used to keep items off of the floor, which can help with air circulation and moisture control.


When planning your storage, make sure to leave a walkway to the rear of the unit if possible, and place frequently retrieved items near the front of your unit. For added security, all valuables should be stored near the rear of your space.


Lastly, all metal objects including bikes, tools, and equipment should be wiped with an oily rag before storage to prevent rust.

Maximize space and minimize stress with these great storage space tips from the experts at Klondike Storage.

Improve Your Storage With These Tips



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